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The Litenero Launch

The ETNX/LTNX hard fork is coming soon and all Electronero owners are defacto LTNX owners when hard fork is finalized. Claim your LTNX 1:1 until the upcoming hard fork of ETNX/LTNX.

While existing solutions offer to solve just one problem at a time, our team is up to build a secure, useful, & easy-to-use currency on a private blockchain. It includes an easy cryptocurrency payments integration, mobile experience, Electronero passport, a one time account for all services iOS Android Web and Telegram wallets, a community arbitration network and games integrations.

Litenero strives to be truly efficient with fast sync optimization, ASIC resistant proof of work algorithm, and provide reliable support to our users.


Public LTNX stagenet launches on December 31, 2018 (approximate block height 570,000 of ETNX). The ETNX/LTNX hard fork is currently topic of community vote, and will be followed by a public release of wallets, mining pools and exchanges listings, Electronero passport protocol access is provided with an easy-to-use mobile integration. Getting ready for hard fork ETNX/LTNX.

Electronero core developers will begin by lowering network fees, rewards. As a result of a world wide caucus held between the Electronero core team. 19 members from different parts of the globe were selected as team after participating in volunteer contributions to the Electronero community. The internal reorganization brings with it some discussions and many votes were cast. The votes were split and two coins will be formed from the upcoming hard fork, which we will announce on BitcoinTalk at or around block 700,001. LTNX, a segregated alternative and mineable coin with chain specific parameters and a common goal will be forged on the Electronero blockchain. The snapshot will take place on block 710,000 and as we are generating 1440 blocks per day, estimated date of arrival for the hard fork is April 4th, 2019. Electronero core team will provide maintainenance and security to it's growing network of coins. ETNX coin will focus it's usages to Smart Contracts mobile development, and Applications, while the new Electronero smart node token LTNX will be dedicated for Reduced Blocks Sizes, Lower Network Fees, Increased Transactions Per Second, and Bounty. Any participating ETNX will be transferrable to LTNX in 1:1 ratio for ETNX coins held in Electronero mobile wallet application or on participating exchanges ETNX wallets. More details soon followed by an official announcement. Stay tuned!

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Upcoming Hark Fork LTNX


Main Net Hard Forks

1) May 30, 2018 (9:00AM GMT) | ETN > ETNX

2) Vote Now | ETNX > LTNX

Approximate Ratio

1) 1:1 ETNX << ETN before hard fork

2) 1:1 LTNX << ETNX for parking ETNX in Electronero mobile application or on participating exchanges.

Total Supply After Fork

36,103,090 ETNX

18,103,090 LTNX

Exchange Listing

To Be Announced


Decentralized Hard Forks

Miner bonus reward program.

Camel Emissions

Electronero Passport Protocol

Joining Electronero Passport is as easy as 1, 2, 3 PM to Litenero Bot and follow the steps below. Replace email with your email address, password with a unique password, and code with a 5 digit numerical safety pin code to protect from unauthorized transfers.

#1) /createWallet email password receive an email verification letter, get verified via email only works for accounts which don't exist i.e. new accounts

#2) /secureWallet email password code prepare a 5 digit code and add a pin to your account

#3) /openWallet email password opens your wallet to check your balance

Technical Roadmap 2018

April 2018

Start of the Electronero project.

May 2018

Public Testnet launches.

May 2018

Beginning of Bounty Program, Smart Mobile Wallet w/ Contracts development project round 1 funded

May 2018

Bulletproof RCT's & Ring Signatures Enabled

May 2018

Mobile Smart Contracts and Mobile Bounty development started

June 2018

Main Net launch & Exchange Listing

July 2018

Cryptonight FAST POW algo implemented on main net

July 2018

Infrastructure Expansion, Bounty Program upgrade

August 2018

Release of Mobile Smart Wallets, closed and public beta

September 2018

Hard Fork Announcements

October 2018

Smart Mobile Games and Smart Apps project voting begins

November 2018

Smart Mobile Games and Smart Apps platform development begins

December 2018

Smart Mobile Games and Smart Apps beta platform launch

Technical Roadmap 2019

October 2018

Start of the Litenero project.

November 2018

Exchange Listings discussions start.

December 2018

Bounty Beta Program begins. Mobile Application development funding begins

January 2019

Public Stage Net launches.

February 2019

CoinMarketCap listing preparations begins

March 2019


April 2019

Hard fork, Public Main net

May 2019

Exchange Announcements

June 2019

Hard Fork

July 2019

Block Rewards halved

August 2019

Fenix Protocol

September 2019

Hard Fork

October 2019

Network Fees Lowered


Lead Blockchain Developer, Technical Advisor
Official Community Manager
Indonesian Community Support
African Community Support
Thor's Hammer
Mining Pool Partner etnx.thorshammer.cc
Russian Community Support
Italian Community Support
Mining Advisor AMD/GPU | Mining Site Operator
Official Electronero Mining Pool
Official Electronero Mining Pool
Official Electronero Mining Pool
Mining Partners | Hash Factory
Mining Partners CryptoPool

Frequently asked questions

Below we’ve provided answers to some frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

Electronero is a hard fork of Electroneum. Deployed in May with no ICO, decentralized and issued to anyone who held ETN outputs on the blockchain before block 307,000. All ETN owners before block 307,000 are ETNX owners.

Litenero, a mineable coin, a hard fork of Electronero. All Electronero ETNX owners before block 710,000 are Litenero LTNX owners and ETN holders before block 307,000 are also included in the snapshot, 1:1 LTNX:ETNX ratio of 1:1000000 LTNX:ETN.

To be safe, you may follow our guide:

1: Keep our ETNX secure in our mobile wallet or preferred Exchange storage.

2: Create an ETNX mobile wallet, ETNX paper wallet, or an ETNX desktop wallet before the snapshot occurs on block # 710,000

3: Transfer some or all of our ETNX tokens to our ETNX desired wallet, or ETNX desktop GUI wallet before the snapshot occurs on block # 710,000

4: Transfer our ETNX back to the ETNX wallet or preferred Exchange storage for safe keeping after the blockchain snapshot on block # 710,000

5: Retrieve our private spend and view keys, along with our address and/or mnemonic seed word key from the ETNX wallet we transferred coins to on step 3

6: Restore our paper wallet / desktop wallet on LTNX network and claim our Litenero LTNX from ETNX outputs existing on both blockchains.

To be safe, you may follow our guide:

1: Keep our ETNX secure in our Electroneron mobile wallet or preferred participating Exchange storage.

2: Automatic Simultaneous Distribution of 1:1 LTNX:ETNX occurs and after the snapshot is taken and our hard fork is finalized we may claim our 1:1 LTNX outputs on Litenero blockchain and also our 1:1 ETNX unspent outputs on Electronero network.

ETNX Details: Our ETNX will be restorable on Electronero network. 8 decimals coin unit. 36 million total coin supply. Low emissions.

LTNX Details: Our LTNX will be restorable on Litenero network. 8 decimals coin unit. ~18 million total coin supply. Lower emissions.

Support is provided 24/7 to the Electronero community, you can get in touch with the Electronero support via email, Telegram, or Twitter.

Yes. And always will be.

Yes. Litenero is based on CryptoNote Monero which is completely anonymous and untraceable.

No, this is a independent decentralized, educational project built by the community to create a fair and secure environment to its users. We support community driven blockchain projects while learning and sharing knowledge with the community.

We are always looking for help, if you are have skills or ideas to improve Litenero feel free to send us an email or contact us on Social Media.

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